Research Staff

Toru Kitagawa

Toru is a research staff member at the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (cemmap) and is also a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics. He has previously taught Microeconomectrics and Econometrics for Policy.

Selected Publications

Inference and decision for set identified parameters using posterior lower and upper probabilities

This paper develops inference and statistical decision for set-identified parameters from the robust Bayes perspective. When […]

Toru Kitagawa
10 May 2011 | CWP16/11

Latest version

Robust Bayesian inference for set-identified models
Toru Kitagawa, Raffaella Giacomini
7 November 2018 | CWP61/18
Identification region of the potential outcome distributions under instrument independence

This paper examines identification power of the instrument exogeneity assumption in the treatment effect model. We […]

Toru Kitagawa
12 October 2009 | CWP30/09

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