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The association of opening K-12 schools and colleges with the spread of COVID-19 in the United States: country-level panel data analysis

This paper empirically examines how the opening of K-12 schools and colleges is associated with the… Continue reading.

Victor Chernozhukov, Hiroyuki Kasahara
February | CWP05/21
Hedonic prices and quality adjusted price indices powered by AI

We develop empirical models of hedonic prices and derive hedonic indices for measuring changes in customer… Continue reading.

Patrick Bajari, Zhihao Cen, Victor Chernozhukov, Manoj Manukonda, Jin Wang, Ramon Huerta, Junbo Li, Ling Leng, George Monokroussos, Suhas Vijaykunar, Shan Wan
February | CWP04/21
A note on global identification in structural vector autoregressions

In a landmark contribution to the structural vector autoregression (SVARs) literature, Rubio-Ramirez, Waggoner, and Zha (2010,… Continue reading.

Emanuele Bacchiocchi, Toru Kitagawa
February | CWP03/21
Counterfactual worlds

We study an extension of a treatment effect model in which an observed discrete classifier indicates… Continue reading.

Andrew Chesher, Adam Rosen
February | CWP02/21