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Inference for rank-rank regressions

Slope coefficients in rank-rank regressions are popular measures of intergenerational mobility, for instance in regressions of… Continue reading.

Denis Chetverikov, Daniel Wilhelm
November | CWP23/23
Powerful t-tests in the presence of nonclassical measurement error

This paper proposes a powerful alternative to the t-test of the null hypothesis that a coefficient… Continue reading.

Dongwoo Kim, Daniel Wilhelm
November | CWP22/23
Identifying network ties from panel data: Theory and an application to tax competition

Social interactions determine many economic behaviors, but information on social ties does not exist in most… Continue reading.

Áureo de Paula, Imran Rasul, Pedro CL Souza
October | CWP21/23
Identification analysis in models with unrestricted latent variables: Fixed effects and initial conditions

Many structural econometric models include latent variables on whose probability distributions one may wish to place… Continue reading.

Andrew Chesher, Adam Rosen, Yuanqi Zhang
October | CWP20/23