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Who should get vaccinated? Individualized allocation of vaccines over SIR network

How to allocate vaccines over heterogeneous individuals is one of the important policy decisions in pandemic… Continue reading.

Toru Kitagawa, Guanyi Wang
July | CWP28/21
A simple test of completeness in a class of nonparametric specification

This paper provides a test for completeness in a class of nonparametric specification with an additive… Continue reading.

Yingyao Hu, Ji-Liang Shiu
July | CWP27/21
IV methods for Tobit models

This paper studies models of processes generating censored outcomes with endogenous explanatory variables and instrumental variable… Continue reading.

Andrew Chesher, Dongwoo Kim, Adam Rosen
June | CWP26/21
Inference in ordered response games with complete information

We study inference in complete information games with discrete strategy spaces. Unlike binary games, we allow… Continue reading.

Andres Aradillas-Lopez, Adam Rosen
June | CWP25/21