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Household sorting in an ancient setting

We use archaeological data from ancient settlements of three different historical eras on a Greek island… Continue reading.

Abhimanyu Gupta, Jonathan Halket
January | CWP01/21
The impacts of a multifaceted pre-natal intervention on human capital accumulation in early life

We evaluate an intervention targeting early life nutrition and well-being for households in extreme poverty in… Continue reading.

Pedro Carneiro, Lucy Kraftman, Giacomo Mason, Lucie Moore, Imran Rasul, Molly Scott
December | CWP61/20
Non-Bayesian updating in a social learning experiment

In our laboratory experiment, subjects, in sequence, have to predict the value of a good. The… Continue reading.

Roberta De Filippis, Antonio Guarino, Philippe Jehiel, Toru Kitagawa
December | CWP60/20
Who should get vaccinated? Individualized allocation of vaccines over SIR network

How to allocate vaccines over heterogeneous individuals is one of the important policy decisions in pandemic… Continue reading.

Toru Kitagawa, Guanyi Wang
December | CWP59/20