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Testable implications of multiple equilibria in discrete games with correlated types

We study testable implications of multiple equilibria in discrete games with incomplete information. Unlike de Paula… Continue reading.

Áureo de Paula, Xun Tang
December | CWP56/20
Simple misspecification adaptive inference for interval identified parameters

This paper revisits the simple, but empirically salient, problem of inference on a real-valued parameter that… Continue reading.

Jorg Stoye
November | CWP55/20
An instrumental variable approach to dynamic models

We present a new class of methods for identification and inference in dynamic models with serially… Continue reading.

Steven Berry, Giovanni Compiani
November | CWP54/20
Gaussian transforms modeling and the estimation of distributional regression functions

Conditional distribution functions are important statistical objects for the analysis of a wide class of problems… Continue reading.

Richard Spady, Sami Stouli
November | CWP53/20