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Posterior average effects

Economists are often interested in estimating averages with respect to distributions of unobservables, such as moments… Continue reading.

Stéphane Bonhomme, Martin Weidner
September | CWP36/21
A discrete choice model for partially ordered alternatives

In this paper we analyze a discrete choice model for partially ordered alternatives. The alternatives are… Continue reading.

Eleni Aristodemou, Adam Rosen
August | CWP35/21
Feedback in panel data models

Much of the analysis of panel data has been based on an assumption of strict exogeneity…. Continue reading.

Gary Chamberlain
August | CWP34/21
Inference in a class of optimization problems: Confidence regions and finite sample bounds on errors in coverage probabilities

This paper describes three methods for carrying out non-asymptotic inference on partially identified parameters that are… Continue reading.

Joel L. Horowitz, Sokbae (Simon) Lee
August | CWP33/21