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Masterclass by Charles F. Manski: Personalised Patient Care under Uncertainty 28-29 March 2019


A masterclass given by Charles Manski (Northwestern) sponsored by CeMMAP and the Economics Research Initiative at Duke University, March 28-29 2019


This masterclass will focus on evidence-based decision making for patient care under uncertainty, in which clinicians face only limited ability to predict patients’ future illness and treatment response. To deal with this inherent uncertainty, partial identification analysis can be applied to make credible predictions for patient outcomes. This analysis motivates the use of decision criteria with well understood properties. Particular focus will be given to the minimax-regret criteria, which specifies a decision rule as uniformly close to the optimal decision rule as possible given the underlying uncertainty of patient outcomes.

Personalised Patient Care under Uncertainty

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Inference under covariate-adaptive randomization with multiple treatments

22 January 2019
Federico A. Bugni , Ivan A. Canay and Azeem M. Shaikh

Impossible inference in econometrics: theory and applications

22 January 2019
Marinho Bertanha and Marcelo Moreira

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