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Low-rank approximations of nonseparable panel models

We provide estimation methods for panel nonseparable models based on low-rank factor structure approximations. The factor… Continue reading.

Ivan Fernandez-Val, Hugo Freeman, Martin Weidner
October | CWP52/20
Sparse network asymptotics for logistic regression

Consider a bipartite network where N consumers choose to buy or not to buy M different… Continue reading.

Bryan S. Graham
October | CWP51/20
Optional dynamic treatment regimes and partial welfare ordering

Dynamic treatment regimes are treatment allocations tailored to heterogeneous individuals. The optimal dynamic treatment regime is… Continue reading.

Sukjin (Vincent) Han
October | CWP50/20
Posterior average effects

Economists are often interested in estimating averages with respect to distributions of unobservables. Examples are moments… Continue reading.

Stéphane Bonhomme, Martin Weidner
October | CWP49/20