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Mateusz Mysliwski


Mateusz’s research interests are in empirical industrial organization and the econometrics of dynamic games. In particular he is working to apply structural econometrics to analyse oligopoly pricing strategies and investigate the evolution of market structure in imperfectly competitive industries.

Selected Publications

Taking the biscuit: how Safari privacy policies affect online advertising

Many controversies that beset the digital economy turn on the role of advertising and its use… Continue reading.

Mateusz Mysliwski, Lars Nesheim, Simeon Duckworth
9 February 2023 | CWP04/23
The Welfare Effects of Promotional Fees

Manufacturers frequently pay fees to supermarkets when they temporarily reduce prices of their products. These funds… Continue reading.

Mateusz Mysliwski, Fabio M. Sanches, Daniel Silva Junior, Sorawoot Srisuma
9 July 2020 | CWP35/20