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Victor Chernozhukov


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Network and Panel Quantile Effects Via Distribution Regression

This paper provides a method to construct simultaneous confidence bands for quantile functions and quantile effects […]

Victor Chernozhukov, Ivan Fernandez-Val, Martin Weidner
15 June 2020 | CWP27/20

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Network and panel quantile effects via distribution regression
Victor Chernozhukov, Ivan Fernandez-Val, Martin Weidner
12 December 2018 | CWP70/18
Causal impact of masks, policies, behavior on early COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.

This paper evaluates the dynamic impact of various policies, such as school, business, and restaurant closures, […]

Victor Chernozhukov, Hiroyuki Kasahara, Paul Schrimpf
28 May 2020 | CWP24/20
A Multi-Risk SIR Model with Optimally Targeted Lockdown

We study targeted lockdowns in a multi-group SIR model where infection, hospitalization and fatality rates vary […]

Daron Acemoglu, Victor Chernozhukov, Ivàn Werning, Michael D. Whinston
4 May 2020 | CWP14/20
Demand analysis with many prices

From its inception, demand estimation has faced the problem of “many prices.” While some aggregation across […]

Victor Chernozhukov, Jerry Hausman, Whitney K. Newey
30 October 2019 | CWP59/19
Subvector inference in PI models with many moment inequalities

This paper considers inference for a function of a parameter vector in a partially identified model […]

Alexandre Belloni, Federico A. Bugni, Victor Chernozhukov
12 June 2019 | CWP28/19
Uniform inference in high-dimensional Gaussian graphical models

Graphical models have become a very popular tool for representing dependencies within a large set of […]

Sven Klaassen, Jannis Kück, Martin Spindler, Victor Chernozhukov
12 June 2019 | CWP29/19
Valid simultaneous inference in high-dimensional settings (with the HDM package for R)

Due to the increasing availability of high-dimensional empirical applications in many research disciplines, valid simultaneous inference […]

Philipp Bach, Victor Chernozhukov, Martin Spindler
12 June 2019 | CWP30/19
Inference for heterogeneous effects using low-rank estimations

We study a panel data model with general heterogeneous effects, where slopes are allowed to be […]

Victor Chernozhukov, Christian Hansen, Yuan Liao, Yinchu Zhu
12 June 2019 | CWP31/19
Inference on average treatment effects in aggregate panel data settings

This paper studies inference on treatment effects in aggregate panel data settings with a single treated […]

Victor Chernozhukov, Kaspar Wüthrich, Yinchu Zhu
12 June 2019 | CWP32/19
Mastering Panel Metrics: Causal Impact of Democracy on Growth

The relationship between democracy and economic growth is of long standing interest. We revisit the panel […]

Shuowen Chen, Victor Chernozhukov, Ivan Fernandez-Val
12 June 2019 | CWP33/19