International Fellows

Susanne M. Schennach

Brown University

Selected Publications

Estimating average marginal effects in nonseparable structural systems

We provide nonparametric estimators of derivative ratio-based average marginal effects of an endogenous cause, X, on […]

Susanne M. Schennach, Halbert White, Karim Chalak
3 December 2007 | CWP31/07
Nonparametric identification of the classical errors-in-variables model without side information

This note establishes that the fully nonparametric classical errors-in-variables model is identifiable from data on the […]

Yingyao Hu, Arthur Lewbel, Susanne M. Schennach
26 July 2007 | CWP14/07
Identification and estimation of nonclassical nonlinear errors-in-variables models with continuous distributions using instruments

While the literature on nonclassical measurement error traditionally relies on the availability of an auxiliary dataset […]

Yingyao Hu, Susanne M. Schennach
11 September 2006 | CWP17/06