Research Staff

Pedro Carneiro

Pedro is a Professor of Economics at University College London and an economist in the IFS’ Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (cemmap). His research interests include development economics, labour economics, the economics of education and microeconometrics. In the past he has examined issues such as the returns to education, human capital policy, and labor regulation in developing countries. He has studied poverty and education programs in several countries in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Selected Publications

Human capital policy
James Heckman, Pedro Carneiro
1 February 2004 | Book chapter
Methods for evaluating the impact of education policies when the return to education varies across individuals

In this paper I summarize some recent developments in the literature on the econometrics of program […]

Pedro Carneiro
1 December 2003 | Journal Article
Estimating distributions of counterfactuals with an application to the returns to schooling and measurement of the effect of uncertainty on schooling choice

This article uses factor models to identify and estimate the distributions of counterfactuals. We extend LISREL […]

James Heckman, Karsten Hansen, Pedro Carneiro
1 May 2003 | Journal Article
Removing the veil of ignorance in assessing the distributional impacts of social policy

This paper summarizes our recent research on evaluating the distributional consequences of social programs. This research […]

James Heckman, Karsten Hansen, Pedro Carneiro
1 January 2001 | Journal Article