Modern Bayesian Econometrics

Date & Time

From: 16 February 2006
Until: 17 February 2006




UCL Economics Department
Drayton House,
30 Gordon Street,


HE Delegates: £50
Other Delegates: £750

Tony Lancaster is Herbert H Goldberger Professor of Economics and Professor of Community Health at Brown University. He is Fellow of the Econometric Society and author of the Econometric Society Monograph Econometric Analysis of Transition Data.

The Bayesian approach has extensive applications in economics. Only with recent advances in computing has it been possible to exploit its full power. These lectures provide a comprehensive introduction to the Bayesian way of doing applied economics and offer the opportunity to try the methods out in the computer laboratory.

The lectures will be based on Professor Lancaster’s book Introduction to Modern Bayesian Econometrics, Blackwell Publishing, 2004. The book will be referred to frequently and participants will find it helpful to bring a copy of the book to the master class.

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