Working Paper

Semi-nonparametric models of multidimensional matching: an optimal transport approach


Dongwoo Kim, Young Jun Lee

Published Date

28 May 2024


Working Paper (CWP12/24)

This paper proposes empirically tractable multidimensional matching models, focusing on worker-job matching. We generalize the parametric model proposed by Lindenlaub (2017), which relies on the assumption of joint normality of observed characteristics of workers and jobs. In our paper, we allow unrestricted distributions of characteristics and show identification of the production technology, and equilibrium wage and matching functions using tools from optimal transport theory. Given identification, we propose efficient, consistent, asymptotically normal sieve estimators. We revisit Lindenlaub’s empirical application and show
that, between 1990 and 2010, the U.S. economy experienced much larger technological progress favouring cognitive abilities than the original findings suggest. Furthermore, our flexible model specifications provide a significantly better fit for patterns in the evolution of wage inequality.