Cemmap organises workshops and symposia, to discuss ongoing research and spur continuing development of research methods and practice. We welcome collaborations and frequently organise events with leading institutions from the UK and abroad. If you have any queries, please contact events team or see our terms and conditions.

Cemmap / ESRC Econometric Study Group Workshop on Semiparametric Methods

19 May 2006

Speakers: Susanne M. Schennach, Shakeeb Khan, Enno Mammen, Arthur Lewbel
Venue: The Institute for Fiscal Studies
The 2nd London Conference on Laboratory Economics and the Field (LeaF 2006)

26 May 2006 - 28 May 2006

Venue: UCL Economics Department
CEMFI summer school

28 August 2006 - 15 September 2006

Venue: CEMFI, Madrid
The economics of the family

29 September 2006

Organiser: Ian Crawford
Speakers: Pierre-André Chiappori, Valérie Lechene, Marcos Rangel, Yoram Weiss, Martin Browning, Ian Preston
Venue: The Institute for Fiscal Studies