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Empirical likelihood

14 February 2005

Organiser: Richard Smith
Speakers: Whitney K. Newey, Francesco Bravo, Yuichi Kitamura
Venue: The Institute for Fiscal Studies
Testing Stochastic Dominance Restrictions (in honour of the contribution of Professor Haim Levy)

4 November 2005 - 5 November 2005

Organisers: Oliver Linton, Thierry Post
Speakers: Yoon-Jae Whang, Harry Markowitz, Haim Levy, Valentino Dardanoni, Ian Crawford, Gordon Anderson, Victor Chernozhukov, Brian McCaig, Thierry Post, Timo Kuosmanen, Olivier Scaillet, Hendrik Klaver, James Huang, James Bodurtha
Venue: The Institute for Fiscal Studies