Training Course

The economics of social interactions

Date & Time

From: 13 March 2006
Until: 17 March 2006


Training Course


University of Uppsala


Other Delegates: £-50

The course deals with theoretical aspects of social interactions and with the empirical identification of socials interactions based on observational and experimental data.

In the mornings there will be lectures and in the afternoon there will be workshops where partici-pants can present their own empirical work. There is room for a maximum of 8 papers. Partici-pants interested in presenting papers should submit their paper, electronically as pdf files, to The papers to be presented will be selected by the lecturers and by economists at the department of economics Uppsala university.

Participants should have knowledge of econometrics corresponding to William H Green Econo-metric Analysis (Macmillan) and of microeconomic theory corresponding to Mas-Colell, Whin-ston and Green Microeconomic Theory (Oxford University Press).