Leverhulme Lectures: An Introduction to Structural Econometrics


Robert Miller (Carnegie Mellon)

Date & Time

From: 3 July 2023
Until: 5 July 2023




UCL, 25 Gordon Street, Maths 500, WC1H 0AY

Robert Miller (Carnegie Mellon) –  Leverhulme Visiting professor

These lectures on structural econometrics explore relationships between economic theory, identification, estimation and econometric practice. Each day Professor Robert Miller will lecture in the morning session, and Dr Aaron Barkley will conduct workshops in the afternoon. The first day focuses on individual choice making within a competitive equilibrium, the second on optimal contracting, and the third on market microstructure. The final session on Wednesday afternoon is reserved for wrapping up and engaging in some open discussion. The material for these lectures is developed in more detail in class notes, video presentation and exercises prepared for a semester long course in structural econometrics taught at Carnegie Mellon University.

Please view the programme for details. To register to attend, please email Lars Nesheim.