The seminar series is arranged by Andrei Zeleneev and Daniel Lewis.

On the use of outcome test to detect bias in decision making

1 March 2022

Speaker: Ivan Canay (Northwestern)
Venue: Online Seminar
Dynamic Identification Using System Projections and Instrumental Variables

11 March 2022

Speaker: Daniel Lewis (NY Fed)
Venue: Drayton B20 Jevons
Optimal Treatment Assignment Rules on Networked Populations

22 March 2022

Speaker: Abhishek Ananth (U of Geneva/Emory)
Venue: Online Seminar
Discordant Relaxations of Misspecified Models

29 March 2022

Speaker: Ismael Y. Mourifié (UToronto)
Venue: Online Seminar
Deep Learning for Individual Heterogeneity: An Automatic Inference Framework

5 April 2022

Speaker: Max Farrell (Chicago Booth)
Venue: Online Seminar
Dropout Training is Distributionally Robust Optimal

26 April 2022

Speaker: José Luis Montiel Olea (Columbia)
Venue: Online only
Bias-Aware Inference in Regularized Regression Models

10 May 2022

Speaker: Tim Armstrong (USC)
Venue: Gordon House 106
Identification and Estimation of Average Partial Effects in
Semiparametric Binary Response Panel Models

20 May 2022

Speaker: Laura Liu (Indiana)
Venue: Drayton House, Room 321