The seminar series is arranged by Andrei Zeleneev and Daniel Lewis.

Debiased Machine Learning Under Minimal Conditions

12 November 2021

Speaker: Whitney Newey (MIT)
Venue: Drayton B20 Jevons
Two-Way Fixed Effects, the Two-Way Mundlak Regression, and Difference-in-Differences Estimators

16 November 2021

Speaker: Jeffrey Wooldridge (Michigan State University)
Venue: Online Seminar
Approximate Maximum Likelihood for Complex Structural Models

23 November 2021

Speaker: Eric Renault (Warwick University)
Venue: IOE - Bedford Way (20) W3.04
Asymptotic Representations for Sequential Statistical Decision Problems

30 November 2021

Speaker: Keisuke Hirano (Penn State University) - Joint work with Jack Porter (Penn State University)
Venue: Online Seminar
On the Aggregation of Probability Assessments: Regularized Mixtures of Predictive Densities for Eurozone Inflation

7 December 2021

Speaker: Francis Diebold (University of Pennsylvania)
Venue: Online Seminar
Empirical Welfare Maximization with Constraints

14 December 2021

Speaker: Liyang Sun (University of California, Berkeley / CEMFI)
Venue: Online Seminar