Seminars will take place online. The seminar series is arranged by Daniel Wilhelm and Andrei Zeleneev.

High Dimensional Latent Panel Quantile Regression with an Application to Asset Pricing

28 September 2021

Speaker: Mingli Chen (Warwick University)
Venue: IOE - Bedford Way (20) W3.04
Information Based Inference with Set-valued Predictions or Observations

8 June 2021

Speaker: Francesca Molinari (Cornell)
Venue: Online Seminar
Optimal Decision Rules for Weak GMM

1 June 2021

Speaker: Isaiah Andrews (Harvard)
Venue: Online only
Identification and Estimation of Social Interactions in Endogenous Peer Groups

11 May 2021

Speaker: Shuyang Sheng (UCLA)
Venue: Online Seminar
Many-Player Asymptotics for Estimating Models of Network Formation

4 May 2021

Speaker: Konrad Menzel (NYU)
Venue: Online Seminar
Heterogeneity in transitory income risk

27 April 2021

Speaker: Martin Almuzara (NY Fed)
Venue: Online Seminar
The Local Approach to Network Interference

20 April 2021

Speaker: Eric Auerbach (Northwestern)
Venue: Online Seminar
Testing homogeneity in dynamic discrete games in finite samples

13 April 2021

Speaker: Federico Bugni (Duke)
Venue: Online Seminar
Identification and Estimation of Network Statistics with Missing Link Data

23 March 2021

Speaker: Matthew Thirkettle (Rice)
Venue: Online Seminar