The seminar series is arranged by Andrei Zeleneev and Daniel Lewis.

Tax professionals and tax Evasion

2 March 2021

Speaker: Eleonora Patacchini (Cornell)
Venue: Online Seminar
Unobserved heterogeneity, Grouped Random Effects and the EAMP algorithm

9 March 2021

Speaker: Karun Adusumilli (UPenn)
Venue: Online only
Inference by stochastic optimization

16 March 2021

Speaker: Serena Ng (Columbia)
Venue: Online Seminar
Identification and Estimation of Network Statistics with Missing Link Data

23 March 2021

Speaker: Matthew Thirkettle (Rice)
Venue: Online Seminar
Testing homogeneity in dynamic discrete games in finite samples

13 April 2021

Speaker: Federico Bugni (Duke)
Venue: Online Seminar
The Local Approach to Network Interference

20 April 2021

Speaker: Eric Auerbach (Northwestern)
Venue: Online Seminar
Heterogeneity in transitory income risk

27 April 2021

Speaker: Martin Almuzara (NY Fed)
Venue: Online Seminar
Many-Player Asymptotics for Estimating Models of Network Formation

4 May 2021

Speaker: Konrad Menzel (NYU)
Venue: Online Seminar
Identification and Estimation of Social Interactions in Endogenous Peer Groups

11 May 2021

Speaker: Shuyang Sheng (UCLA)
Venue: Online Seminar