Seminars will take place online. The seminar series is arranged by Daniel Wilhelm and Andrei Zeleneev.

Instrumental Variables Quantile Regression with Multivariate Endogenous Variable

26 October 2021

Speaker: Guillaume Pouliot (Harris School of Public Policy, The University of Chicago)
Venue: Online Seminar
Orthogonal / debiased ML Inference on Heterogeneous Treatment Effects: An Overview

22 October 2021

Speaker: Victor Chernozhukov (MIT)
Venue: Drayton B20 Jevons
Optimal Shrinkage Estimation of Fixed Effects in Linear Panel Data Models by Soonwoo Kwon

19 October 2021 - 19 October 2021

Speaker: Soonwoo Kwon (Brown University)
Venue: Online Seminar
A Time-Varying Endogenous Random Coefficient Model with an Application to Production Functions

12 October 2021

Speaker: Ming Li (National University of Singapore)
Venue: Online Seminar
Intertemporal Collective Household Models: Identification in Short Panels with Unobserved Heterogeneity in Resource Shares

5 October 2021

Speaker: Krishna Pendakur (Simon Fraser University)
Venue: IOE - Bedford Way (20) W3.04
High Dimensional Latent Panel Quantile Regression with an Application to Asset Pricing

28 September 2021

Speaker: Mingli Chen (Warwick University)
Venue: IOE - Bedford Way (20) W3.04
Information Based Inference with Set-valued Predictions or Observations

8 June 2021

Speaker: Francesca Molinari (Cornell)
Venue: Online Seminar
Optimal Decision Rules for Weak GMM

1 June 2021

Speaker: Isaiah Andrews (Harvard)
Venue: Online only
Identification and Estimation of Social Interactions in Endogenous Peer Groups

11 May 2021

Speaker: Shuyang Sheng (UCLA)
Venue: Online Seminar