The cemmap working paper series publishes papers expanding the frontiers of knowledge in microdata methods and practice. Martin Weidner is the editor of the working paper series.

Decomposing Changes in the Distribution of Real Hourly Wages in the U.S.

We analyze the sources of changes in the distribution of hourly wages in the United States… Continue reading.

Ivan Fernandez-Val, Franco Peracchi, Francis Vella, Aico van Vuuren
November 2019


A discrete choice model for partially ordered alternatives

In this paper we analyze a discrete choice model for partially ordered alternatives. The alternatives are… Continue reading.

Eleni Aristodemou, Adam Rosen
November 2019


Towards a general large sample theory for regularized estimators

We present a general framework for studying regularized estimators; such estimators are pervasive in estimation problems… Continue reading.

Michael Jansson, Demian Pouzo
November 2019


A Unified Framework for Efficient Estimation of General Treatment Models

This paper presents a weighted optimization framework that unifies the binary, multi-valued, continuous, as well as… Continue reading.

Chunrong Ai, Oliver Linton, Kaiji Motegi, Zheng Zhang
November 2019


Estimation with Mixed Data Frequencies: A Bias-Correction Approach

We propose a solution to the measurement error problem that plagues the estimation of the relation… Continue reading.

Anisha Ghosh, Oliver Linton
November 2019


Estimating Endogenous Effects on Ordinal Outcomes

Recent research underscores the sensitivity of conclusions drawn from the application of econometric methods devised for… Continue reading.

Andrew Chesher, Adam Rosen, Zahra Siddique
November 2019


Honest inference for discrete outcomes

We investigate the consequences of discreteness in the assignment variable in regression-discontinuity designs for cases where… Continue reading.

Walter Beckert, Daniel Kaliski
December 2019


Robust likelihood ratio tests for incomplete economic models

This study develops a framework for testing hypotheses on structural parameters in in-complete models. Such models… Continue reading.

Hiroaki Kaido, Yi Zhang
December 2019


Identifying the effect of persuasion

We set up an econometric model of persuasion and study identification of key parameters under various… Continue reading.

Sung Jae Jun, Sokbae (Simon) Lee
December 2019


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Identifying the effect of persuasion
Sung Jae Jun, Sokbae (Simon) Lee
March 2018 | CWP19/18
A tale of two Koreas: property rights and fairness

We compare two groups of the non-student Korean population—native-born South Koreans (SK) and North Korean refugees… Continue reading.

Syngjoo Choi, Byung-Yeon Kim, Jungmin Lee, Sokbae (Simon) Lee
December 2019


Network Data

Many economic activities are embedded in networks: sets of agents and the (often) rivalrous relationships connecting… Continue reading.

Bryan S. Graham
December 2019


Double debiased machine learning nonparametric inference with continuous treatments

We propose a nonparametric inference method for causal effects of continuous treatment variables, under unconfoundedness and… Continue reading.

Kyle Colangelo, Ying-Ying Lee
December 2019


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