Working Paper

Nonparametric analysis of random utility models


Yuichi Kitamura, Jörg Stoye

Published Date

14 June 2016


Working Paper (CWP27/16)

This paper develops and implements a nonparametric test of Random Utility Models. The motivating application is to test the null hypothesis that a sample of cross-sectional demand distributions was generated by a population of rational consumers. We test a necessary and sucient condition for this that does not rely on any restriction on unobserved heterogeneity or the number of goods. We also propose and implement a control function approach to account for endogenous expenditure. An econometric result of independent interest is a test for linear inequality constraints when these are represented as the vertices of a polyhedron rather than its faces. An empirical application to the U.K. Household Expenditure Survey illustrates computational feasibility of the method in demand problems with 5 goods.

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Nonparametric analysis of random utility models
Jorg Stoye, Yuichi Kitamura

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