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Mathematica notebook: appendix to 'Sharp identified sets for discrete variable IV models'

Date: 19 May 2010
Type: Appendix,


This Mathematica notebook accompanies the paper, Sharp identified sets for discrete variable IV models. The notebook which is viewable in the freeware Math Player [Download Math Player]. The notebook does symbolic calculation of bounds as set out in Table 7 of the paper. The user provides values for M, the number of discrete outcomes and K the number of points of support of the endogenous variables. A stylised graphical display of the M - 1 threshold functions appears with the values associated with the K points of support of an endogenous variable X highlighted. The user can manipulate these thereby generating particular arrangements of γ. For each arrangement t selected, the notebook produces a table like Table 7 showing in symbolic form the inequalities defining a set Εt(z).


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