Working Paper

Decentralization estimators for instrumental variable quantile regression models


Hiroaki Kaido, Kaspar Wüthrich

Published Date

16 August 2019


Working Paper (CWP42/19)

The instrumental variable quantile regression (IVQR) model (Chernozhukov and Hansen, 2005) is a popular tool for estimating causal quantile effects with endogenous covariates. However, estimation is complicated by the non-smoothness and non-convexity of the IVQR GMM objective function. This paper shows that the IVQR estimation problem can be decomposed into a set of conventional quantile regression sub-problems which are convex and can be solved efficiently. This reformulation leads to new identification results and to fast, easy to implement, and tuning-free estimators that do not require the availability of high-level “black box” optimization routines.

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