Yuya Sasaki

Selected Publications

Outcome conditioned treatment effects

This paper introduces average treatment effects conditional on the outcomes variable in an endogenous setup where […]

Stefan Hoderlein, Yuya Sasaki
20 August 2013 | CWP39/13
Nonlinear difference-in-differences in repeated cross sections with continuous treatments

This paper studies the identification of nonseparable models with continuous, endogenous regressors, also called treatments, using […]

Xavier d'Haultfoeuille, Stefan Hoderlein, Yuya Sasaki
20 August 2013 | CWP40/13
On the role of time in nonseparable panel data models

This paper contributes to the understanding of the source of identification in panel data models. Recent […]

Stefan Hoderlein, Yuya Sasaki
5 May 2011 | CWP15/11