Rachel Griffith

Selected Publications

Income effects and the welfare consequences of tax in differentiated product oligopoly

Random utility models are widely used to study consumer choice. The vast majority of applications make […]

Rachel Griffith, Lars Nesheim, Martin O'Connell
8 June 2015 | CWP23/15
Recombinant innovation and the boundaries of the firm

There is considerable interest in understanding how important market frictions are in stiffing the transmission of […]

Rachel Griffith, Sokbae (Simon) Lee, Bas Straathof
16 September 2014 | CWP40/14
Is distance dying at last? Falling home bias in fixed effects models of patent citations

We examine the “home bias” of knowledge spillovers (the idea that knowledge spreads more slowly over […]

Rachel Griffith, Sokbae (Simon) Lee, John Van Reenen
24 May 2011 | CWP18/11
Sin taxes in differentiated product oligopoly: an application to the butter and margarine market

There is policy interest in using tax to change food purchasing behaviour. The literature has not […]

Rachel Griffith, Lars Nesheim, Martin O'Connell
13 December 2010 | CWP37/10
Estimating households’ willingness to pay

The recent literature has brought together the characteristics model of utility and classic revealed preference arguments […]

Rachel Griffith, Lars Nesheim
18 August 2010 | CWP24/10
The impact of a fat tax in a differentiated product market
Rachel Griffith, Lars Nesheim, Martin O'Connell
19 November 2009 |
Household willingness to pay for organic products

We use hedonic prices and purchase quantities to consider what can be learned about household willingness […]

Rachel Griffith, Lars Nesheim
7 July 2008 | CWP18/08