International Fellows

Phil Haile

Selected Publications

Common values, unobserved heterogeneity, and endogenous entry in U.S. offshore oil lease auctions

An oil lease auction is the classic example motivating a common values model. However, formal testing […]

Marcelo Sant'Anna, Phil Haile, Giovanni Compiani
3 July 2018 | CWP37/18
Identification in differentiated product markets

Empirical models of demand for – and, often, supply of – differentiated products are widely used […]

Phil Haile, Steven Berry
19 August 2015 | CWP47/15
Identification of nonparametric simultaneous equations models with a residual index structure

We present new results on the identifiability of a class of nonseparable nonparametric simultaneous equations models […]

Phil Haile, Steven Berry
19 August 2015 | CWP48/15