Centre Fellows

Martin Browning

University of Oxford

Martin is a Senior Research Fellow at Nuffield College and a part-time Professor at the University of Copenhagen. His work is primarily concerned with applied microeconometrics. His main interests are in the economics of the family (with particular emphasis on intra-household allocation); demand analysis; consumption and saving and modelling heterogeneity for applied work.

Selected Publications

The age-period cohort problem: set identification and point identification

“Only entropy comes easily” – Anton Chekhov Various methods have been used to overcome the point […]

Martin Browning, Ian Crawford, Marike Knoef
23 January 2012 | CWP02/12
Best nonparametric bounds on demand responses

This paper uses revealed preference inequalities to provide tight nonparametric bounds on consumer responses to price […]

Richard Blundell, Martin Browning, Ian Crawford
13 October 2005 | CWP12/05
Nonparametric methods for the characteristic model

Characteristics models have been found to be useful in many areas ofeconomics. However, their empirical implementation […]

Laura Blow, Martin Browning, Ian Crawford
14 December 2004 | CWP18/04