Jonathan Halket

Selected Publications

Household sorting in an ancient setting

Updated version available here. We use archaeological data from ancient settlements of three different historical eras […]

Abhimanyu Gupta, Jonathan Halket
5 January 2021 | CWP01/21
The Housing Stock, Housing Prices, and User Costs: The Roles of Location, Structure and Unobserved Quality

Which housing characteristics are important for understanding homeownership rates? How are housing characteristics priced in the […]

Jonathan Halket, Lars Nesheim, Florian Oswald
3 February 2020 | CWP5/20
The housing stock, housing prices, and user costs: the roles of location, structure and unobserved quality

Using the English Housing Survey, we estimate a supply side selection model of the allocation of […]

Jonathan Halket, Lars Nesheim, Florian Oswald
10 December 2015 | CWP73/15