Irene Botosaru

Selected Publications

Time-varying linear transformation models with fixed effects and endogeneity for short panels

This paper considers a class of fixed-T nonlinear panel models with time-varying link function, fixed effects, […]

Irene Botosaru, Chris Muris, Senay Sokullu
25 January 2022 | CWP06/22
Intertemporal Collective Household Models: Identification in Short Panels with Unobserved Heterogeneity in Resource Shares

We provide a new full-commitment intertemporal collective household model to estimate resource shares, defined as the […]

Irene Botosaru, Chris Muris, Krishna Pendakur
15 June 2020 | CWP26/20
Binarization for panel models with fixed effects

In nonlinear panel models with fixed effects and fixed-T, the incidental parameter problem poses identification difficulties […]

Irene Botosaru, Chris Muris
20 June 2017 | CWP31/17