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How demanding is the revealed preference approach to demand?

A well-known problem with revealed preference methods is that when data are found to satisfy their […]

Tim Beatty, Ian Crawford
1 October 2011 | Journal Article

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How demanding is the revealed preference approach to demand
Tim Beatty, Ian Crawford
27 June 2010 | CWP17/10
Welfare rankings from multivariate data: a non-parametric approach

Economic and social welfare is inherently multidimensional. However, choosing a measure which combines several indicators is […]

Gordon Anderson, Ian Crawford, Andrew Leicester
1 April 2011 | Journal Article
Best nonparametric bounds on demand responses

This paper uses revealed preference inequalities to provide tight nonparametric bounds on consumer responses to price […]

Richard Blundell, Martin Browning, Ian Crawford
1 November 2008 | Journal Article