Gordon Anderson

Selected Publications

Similarity, dissimilarity and exceptionality: generalizing Gini’s transvariation to measure “differentness” in many distributions

Following the work of Gini, Dagum and Tukey, this paper extends Gini’s Transvariation measure for comparing […]

Oliver Linton, Gordon Anderson, Jasmin Thomas
20 July 2017 | Journal Article
Welfare rankings from multivariate data: a non-parametric approach

Economic and social welfare is inherently multidimensional. However, choosing a measure which combines several indicators is […]

Gordon Anderson, Ian Crawford, Andrew Leicester
1 April 2011 | Journal Article
Nonparametric estimation of a polarization measure

This paper develops methodology for nonparametric estimation of a polarization measure due to Anderson (2004) and […]

Gordon Anderson, Oliver Linton, Yoon-Jae Whang
15 June 2009 | CWP14/09