Bryan S. Graham

Selected Publications

Sparse network asymptotics for logistic regression

Consider a bipartite network where N consumers choose to buy or not to buy M different […]

Bryan S. Graham
13 October 2020 | CWP51/20
An optimal test for strategic interaction in social and economic network formation between heterogeneous agents

We introduce a test for whether agents’ preferences over network structure are interdependent. Interdependent preferences induce […]

Andrin Pelican, Bryan S. Graham
7 September 2020 | CWP42/20
Teacher-to-classroom assignment and student achievement

We study the effects of counterfactual teacher-to-classroom assignments on average student achievement in elementary and middle […]

Bryan S. Graham, Geert Ridder, Petra Thiemann, Gema Zamarro
9 July 2020 | CWP36/20
Network Data

Many economic activities are embedded in networks: sets of agents and the (often) rivalrous relationships connecting […]

Bryan S. Graham
16 December 2019 | CWP71/19
Kernel density estimation for undirected dyadic data

We study nonparametric estimation of density functions for undirected dyadic random variables (i.e., random variables defined […]

Bryan S. Graham, Fengshi Niu, James L. Powell
7 August 2019 | CWP39/19
Semiparametrically efficient estimation of the average linear regression function

Let Y be an outcome of interest, X a vector of treatment measures, and W a […]

Bryan S. Graham, Cristine Campos de Xavier Pinto
7 November 2018 | CWP62/18
An econometric model of network formation with degree heterogeneity

I introduce a model of undirected dyadic link formation which allows for assortative matching on observed […]

Bryan S. Graham
10 February 2017 | CWP08/17

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A quantile correlated random coefficients panel data model

We propose a generalization of the linear quantile regression model to accommodate possibilities afforded by panel […]

Bryan S. Graham, Jinyong Hahn, Alexandre Poirier, James L. Powell
25 August 2016 | CWP34/16

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Quantile regression with panel data
Bryan S. Graham, Jinyong Hahn, Alexandre Poirier, James L. Powell
17 March 2015 | CWP12/15
Homophily and transitivity in dynamic network formation

In social and economic networks linked agents often share additional links in common. There are two […]

Bryan S. Graham
15 April 2016 | CWP16/16
Identification and efficiency bounds for the average match function under conditionally exogenous matching

Consider two heterogenous populations of agents who, when matched, jointly produce an output, Y. For example, […]

Bryan S. Graham, Guido Imbens, Geert Ridder
11 March 2016 | CWP10/16