Recent contributions to inference in game theoretic models (joint with Northwestern and UCL)


Áureo de Paula, Elie Tamer

Date & Time

From: 7 June 2013
Until: 8 June 2013




RCGP, London

Co-sponsored by The Breen Family Fund at Northwestern University.

When decision makers – firms, individuals or households – behave strategically, the simultaneous interdependence of their choices creates challenging problems for the econometric analysis of their interaction from observed data. Some of these problems are unique to these models and require that one carefully examines the economic assumptions that underlie these interactions. For example, what a given player knows about the other players’ payoffs and her own payoff at the time of making a decision, what the econometrician observes, and what rules of behaviour are allowed all shape the kinds of inferences that one is able to conduct.

The conference will bring together a set of econometric theorists, applied economists and economic theorists that will share their views on the empirical usefulness of various approaches to learning from data using different models of simultaneous interactions. The research agenda exposited throughout the conference will highlight the open questions faced in this research agenda and the interaction among the participants will hopefully help resolve some of these questions.