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Conference on optimization and machine learning in economics

Date: 09:30 08 March 2018 - 16:30 09 March 2018
Type: Workshop
Organiser: Alfred Galichon NYU and Simon Lee Columbia University
Venue: UCL Economics Department
Prices: Free


Please see below for a confimed list of speakers. 

- Francis Bach (INRIA)

- Jose Blanchet (Stanford)

- Guillaume Carlier (Universite Paris IX Dauphine)

- Victor Chernozhukov (MIT)

- Tim Christensen (NYU)

- Patrick Combettes (NC State)

- Han Hong (Stanford)

- Roger Koenker (UIUC)

- Elena Manresa (NYU)

- Rahul Mazumder (MIT)

- Robert Miller (CMU)

- Lars Nesheim (UCL)

- Serena Ng (Columbia) 

- Ariel Pakes (Harvard)

- Tim Roughgarden (Stanford)

- Matt Shum (Caltech)

- Rakesh Vohra (Upenn)

- Jose Montiel Olea (Columbia)

- Martin Weidner (UCL)


This event is sponsored by cemmap and ERC (grant no. 646917-ROMIA).

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