Training Course

Discrete Choice Modelling

Date & Time

From: 11 February 2004
Until: 13 February 2004


Training Course


UCL Economics Department
Drayton House,
30 Gordon Street,


HE Delegates: £150
Other Delegates: £1000

This three day course will study the specification, estimation, and application of discrete choice models. We will examine theoretical background and practical application of up to date and frontier techniques in the analysis of microeconometric models for discrete data. Actual studies will be presented. Participants will also apply the techniques using prepared data. Hands on applications will be developed using NLOGIT (developed by the course instructor), one of the world’s most widely used software packages for discrete choice modeling.

The overall nature of the course will be an introduction to discrete choice modeling, with a focus on how to fit, interpret, and use models. Theoretical background will include econometric underpinnings of the models and foundations for various computations, but will not include any derivation, proofs, or establishment of, e.g., asymptotic properties of estimators. The proposed is meant to provide practitioners with the econometric instruction needed to use, understand, and interpret some fairly advanced, yet widely used nonlinear techniques.

Materials for this Training Course can be found in the Resources