15 June: Empirical Industrial Organization: Analysis of Contracting and Bargaining Workshop

14 May 2018
This one-day conference covers methodological advances and empirical applications in the empirical analysis of contracting and bargaining, with a special focus on vertically related markets and implications for competition policy.

Confirmed speakers:

Enghin Atalay (UW Madison)

Matthew Backus (Columbia)

Pierre Dubois (Toulouse)

Alon Eizenberg (Jerusalem)

Matthew Grennan (Penn)

Gautam Gowrisankaran (Arizona)

Robin Lee (Harvard)

Peter Newberry (Penn State)

Howard Smith (Oxford)

Introduction to conference by Mike Walker (Chief Economic Adviser, Competition and Markets Authority, London).

Discussants include: Peter Davis (Cornerstone), Isis Durrmeyer (Toulouse), Aureo de Paula (UCL), Sebastian Fleitas (Leuven), Yuya Takahashi (Johns Hopkins)