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Authors: Edwin Leuven and Barbara Sianesi
Date: 01 January 2003
Type: Software,


Stata module to perform full Mahalanobis matching and a variety of propensity score matching to adjust for pre-treatment observable differences between two groups. It further provides features for common support graphing as well as for covariate imbalance testing, both before and after matching.

More information about types of matching estimators and features.


Recommended: To install the package (or get an update) from within net-aware Stata (version 8.1 or above):

ssc install psmatch2, replace

Alternatively, download the various components manually from http://ideas.repec.org/c/boc/bocode/s432001.html.

psmatch2 can be cited as follows:

Leuven, E. and Sianesi, B. (2003), "psmatch2: Stata module to perform full Mahalanobis and propensity score matching, common support graphing, and covariate imbalance testing", http://ideas.repec.org/c/boc/bocode/s432001.html., version x.x.x.

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