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Cemmap provides a focus for development, understanding and application of methods for modelling individual behaviour, the influences on it and the impact of policy interventions. Read more

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Introduction to impact assessment


cemmap and the ESRC Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP) at IFS are co-organising a course on impact assessment in February 2015. The course will introduce the various quantitative methods that can be used to estimate the causal impact of a policy intervention and the aim is to give participants an understanding of the suitability of these empirical methods given the nature of the policy under consideration and the available data.

Introduction to impact assessment

Recent publications

Post-selection and post-regularization inference in linear models with many controls and instruments

14 January 2015
Victor Chernozhukov , Christian Hansen and Martin Spindler

Bounds on treatment effects on transitions

09 January 2015
Johan Vikström , Geert Ridder and Martin Weidner

Testing many moment inequalities

31 December 2014
Victor Chernozhukov , Denis Chetverikov and Kengo Kato

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