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Cemmap provides a focus for development, understanding and application of methods for modelling individual behaviour, the influences on it and the impact of policy interventions. Read more

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    Identifying and Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models
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Masterclass: Identifying and Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models


This masterclass develops structural approaches for analyzing large cross sectional and longitudinal data sets, by exploiting restrictions derived from the equilibrium dynamic outcomes in individual discrete choice optimization problems and non-cooperative games. We investigate empirical content, characterize identification of the primitives and  counterfactuals, and evaluate alternative estimators and testing procedures.

Identifying and Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models

Recent publications

Specification test on mixed logit models

12 December 2017
Jinyong Hahn , Jerry Hausman and Josh Lustig

Powerful t-Tests in the presence of nonclassical measurement error

11 December 2017
Dongwoo Kim and Daniel Wilhelm

Nonparametric analysis of random utility models

11 December 2017
Jorg Stoye and Yuichi Kitamura

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